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Man_Society and Environment!

The Society is the groups of men with whom we interact and the set of sociocultural values, which have an influence on our lives.

The man is part of a social and historical organism. Man's conduct towards the environment is determined by social relations and how to produce to satisfy their needs, both primary (food, clothing, housing, etc..) as secondary. To access renewable natural resources (water, soil, air, climate, flora and fauna) or non-renewable (minerals and energy), requires knowledge and tools for development of farming, forestry, infrastructure, communications and Service. This knowledge and tools is called Technology and is a bridge between man and the environment or natural resources.

Technology has contributed to scientific progress and the development of new developments that give comfort to humans, but this in turn has caused problems such as increased demand for natural resources, environmental pollution by waste production and consumption, creation of new substances and emergence of new branches of production, intensification of agricultural production and urbanization.air pollution by releasing oxygen trees among other problems. Also, by increasing the population increases the number of factories, industries and automobiles, causing an increase in Smog, which affects human health as it inhibits the replenishment of oxygen in the blood supply. (Time medicine: Enviroment V. Man, 2009). For example, if building a railroad, a forest is cleared, causing changes in climate and hydrological cycle, the flora and fauna disappear, increasing the temperature and decreases the degree of moisture is lost to purifying function

Negative actions of human activity on the environment are evidence of the accelerating growth of social influence on this. The society, in general, it is known that environment, how to achieve development without damaging what nature gives her and what is the importance of environmental education.

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Enery dijo...


The interaction of environment and society has an economic-social complex and contradictory. Scientific-Technical Revolution posed to humanity a qualitatively new set of tasks for the rational organization of the environment and exacerbated many problems of its protection, these are: increasing demand for natural resources, pollution of the environment waste production and consumption, creation of new substances and emergence of new branches of production, intensification of agricultural production and urbanization, among others.

The environmental problems are transboundary and objectively affect destinations and interests of all countries, and it is important to recognize that their solution depends on the subsequent development of mankind and these require practical, feasible and urgent. For example and with reference to the above: "... the most accepted classification of these problems allows us to discuss your event at three levels: the level of different social forces and interests, the level associated with the nature-society relationship and problems for the standard man-society "(4), thus establishing dialectical links between them.

From my point of view man is a component of society and these in turn constitute the nature acting as a single system that in recent decades has been a great imbalance that persists over time.


lidia dijo...

The society and the environment were established long ago. While the man only has to adapt to them.
Society is the set of individuals who share a culture, interact and relate together, cooperatively, to form a group or community.

The people who inhabit this planet are born with the habits of care for our planet, but others do not destroy forests and constructing buildings. Most people do not care about the environment. They want more money.

They do not realize the damage they do to the environment and ourselves. Because if we lose the ecology in some years there will be nothing for the future.


Javier González dijo...

Well! I agree with this article, that shows us how we are developing... we must watch and think seriously what we are doing, because in future perhaps we won´t have anything. We must re-forest earth to keep living here, we must promise to NOT POLLUTE environment. Water, for example, is not renewable resourse so let´s do it right.

ricardo dijo...

very good article, you must obtain a balance for the development of human activities and try to do the least damage to our environment.

is evident that the man takes advantage of the medium where it is, exploiting environmental resources for their development both socially and economically, thus taking advantage of environmental resources changes the natural balance of ecosystems, often causing irreversible damage.

As that time has passed implementing new technologies man has caused much more damage on the contrary the modern man to apply new technologies towards a better environment and for sustainable development or sustainable.

In this regard, we must become aware and learn to love and value our natural resources, and therefore to our environment, we must also strive to try to leave a legacy to future generations, which is nothing if not a better environment , so our contribution as inhabitants of this planet we must care for and protect the best I can and just contribute in improving our current conditions for the evolution in the coming years.

Ricardo Pereira

Laurelindorenan dijo...

I think this theme can be seen from many points of view, however, to analyze generally the conclusion is that the society has gradually damaging the environment. This situation was intensified at the start of the industrial revolution and then with the advent of technology. Logging and burning of forests, construction of housing developments and roads, the use of aerosols and agriculture adapted to sites where can not produce vegetables or fruit, deteriorate the earth's crust, vegetation, hydrology and atmosphere of the planet. However, this decline is something that only affects humans and living beings, but not the Earth, she has five billion or so years and living organisms (vegetation, humans, animals) are about three million years living on Earth. The planet has gone through many geological periods that have lasted for thousands and millions of years before it reached the man, and has gone through situations far worse than what happens today, for example, the comet that destroyed the dinosaurs. Despite the catastrophic only destroyed those who were living at the time, but not the crust itself or the atmosphere, simply transformed. Which means that society is destroying itself and with other living beings do not understand.

Inevitably, the society can not avoid harming herself, that is, damage the environment, since the construction of buildings and roads will not stop, nor the felling and burning, and agriculture, and development of technology, etc.

Publicado por Laura Robles el 22 de Noviembre.

karla dijo...

the man over time has focused on building and growing tegnologicamente to improve their living conditions, but without taking into account the environmental damage they cause.

the environment has suffered irreversible damage due to misuse of natural resources.

Silvia Rivas dijo...

I agree with the article read, It is true, to satisfy our needs we have caused problems to the nature, such as increased demand for natural resources and environmental pollution.

The man from his beginning has extracted raw material from the nature, to construct essential instruments for developing his life.

Always the man has lived with others building a society and this has spent in an unconscious way the renewable and non-renewable resources.

The society is in a continuous growing, and it looks for more and more resources to satisfy human needs such as water, food, electricity, oil, house, and so on. The offer of these products is less than the demand, this way, we have been forced to increase the production of the goods and we have destroyed the environment doing that.

The relationship between the man and the environment is not new; that was established since the man has been in the world, and it will continue for ever.

As far as I am concerned, we have to improve our relationship with the environment because we live on it; we have done too much damage to it and in a near future maybe we would not have where to live.

daniel dijo...

the man and the environment come altogether from a evolution, to seem the human environmet due to its potential in technology and its mentality has greater alcanze to destabilize the, although the environment is very unpredictable and at any time it acts of negative form towards the man. all this goes of the hand of the actions of the geographic determinism and the geographic posibilism

Eyemberg Daniel Ortega

Felipe dijo...

If we look at the uses to which man gives to the Earth, are seen problems related to environment, which in economic terms are difficult to solve in the short term. There are factors that severely affect the accumulation of debris or rubbish, the earth is loaded mountain of pollutants to which they have been excluded reorganization costs, which inevitably would devolve into society itself generates, that while is not in the immediate dilemma of having to choose between seeking havens for low or minimal cost, and maintenance of our biosphere in working conditions for a stable and lasting life, even if it entails a sacrifice in terms of comfort, will not be detained in the dynamics of continuous regression.

Carlos dijo...

I agree with the article, I think nature provides us with not only the necessary materials, but also the patterns of use. Reasonable management of resources diminish, or at least slow, the impact on the environment have various human activities.We must reflect on our conduct in relation to the nature and course correction in order to stem the uncontrolled exploitation and irrational that is being made of natural resources.

cristian dijo...

Well I like the article topic, because talks about a issue that is very common to hear but in the same time is the biggest problem of the humanity: The relationship between the man and the environment. With the past of time, the humanity development has grow without see the consequences that this growing has made to the environment, in some years probably the humanity can be suffered, thanks the damage that the man has cause to the Earth.

Ismary dijo...

My personal opinion is that the article is very good and leads us to believe that each person in turn has contributed to environmental degradation. The issue of the comfort of man and his constant struggle for survival is not new since humans appeared on Earth's surface has worked for her personal improvement and to fully satisfy their needs, without taking into account that the fall in that ambition has come to have the power to alter the temperature of an atmosphere, a spring dry, cut a nature reserve, species disappear and reach the point where their own hands have created diseases and viruses that attack with just breathing.
While technology is an innovation that has completely revolutionized the world has also reversed values in people, as the mere fact of communicating, it is more feasible to send a text message or connect to the internet to sit to have a good talk and exchange ideas.
If more people are born every day and everyone is wildly interested in making extravagant amenities come a time when no place is going to be good for anyone, has forgotten nature has forgotten the benefits of fresh air and has left a ecosystem side, temperatures have increased by the greenhouse effect but there comes a time when no longer can be protected from sunlight, whether such damages are manifested on a large scale then humans should also demonstrate a large scale almost world and spend a little time to this important issue.

By: Ismary Marín....!

Anónimo dijo...

The article reflects the reality in which we live today, man and society over time, technology has increased and at the same time has contributed to the exploitation of natural resources. The man has needs, progress and change have become one, but the environment also has them. The cutting and burning of trees, changes in climate, damage to waterways, altering the natural conditions of the environment and cause irreparable damage to it.

The man has a great influence on the atmosphere and beyond the measures it takes to contribute to the development of society, not to evaluate the impact on the environment when making decisions that affect it. It is necessary that man should learn to value the environment and natural resources that we provide to care for our planet.

Marbelis González

ELIANNIS dijo...

The man forms a part of a social and historical concrete organism; the conduct of the man towards the environment is determined by the social links and the relations, as well as the way of production, which they shape his essence. It is for this that expresses and is added that what is revealed is the interaction of the society with the environment and not of the man with the environment, which is based on the social conditionality of the human influence on the environment, being demonstrated that the above mentioned relations, they change character when the social relations change, principally, those of production.

The negative actions of the activity of the man on the environment demonstrate the increasing increase of the social influence on this one, without his protection. In the matter, the society, in general sense, does not know what an environment is, how to achieve the sustainable development and which the importance the environmental education is.


grace dijo...

modern man could fight on equal terms with nature. during the period studied naturist multiple agencies and processes in nature without any interest in the interaction between humans and ecosystems.

environmental problems such as: erosion, desertification and pollution caused by fertilizer use exes. They were aggravated by the industrial revolution when oil, natural gas generators were ecxplotados as new energy, deteriorating water and warm air.

the man caused the total collapse of the environment such as biodiversity loss, depletion of energy resources, water, air, and pollution of land l, climate change.

Marileth dijo...

I believe that the Man-Environment relationship will always be needed. And that's why it has generated so much discussion about it in world history. Human beings can not live without the environment. It is absolutely essential. Impossible to disengage from the nature. Environment provides many resources to humans. That is why it is necessary that we look after the environment, because if you break the relationship between the Environment and Man, life would change dramatically. For this we need to take seriously the value of nature, and thus truly begin to value their resources that are great gifts. The blessings that nature provides are unmatched. They are definitely great blessings.

Dafherlym dijo...

Since the invention of the machine, the company has evolved technologically to meet the amenities that are causing every day. In this evolution may show the creation of industries, which produce the items that are necessary for the maintenance of those facilities that want to get the society.
In this way, I can say that the pollution is entirely generated by the company, since while most are looking for the best comfort possible, we are damaging the environment all around us, vegetation, fauna, water bodies, the atmosphere, of an incredibly wild.
For this reason, it is necessary that society itself will solve the problem it has caused, to save what remains of our planet, our children's future.

Ricardo lopez dijo...

hello good afternoon ... I think the man should be linked more with the medium for storage-intensive and a more effective way of preserving it, because we are inevitably part of it, are contained therein and mainly depend on to live, so it is logical that any change that adversely affects not affect us too short or long term.

Many of the climatic changes occurring today are an example of the harm they are doing to the environment, and it is clear that these changes will negatively affect especially the increase of temperature.

So we are more aware and care for the environment because if we damage it, we are also hurting us.


Another relevant aspect is the relation of man and the exploitation of environmental resources as well as other topics of great interest, just as the study of relationship between man and enviroment has always attracted attention. the relationship of man and enviroment has also influenced the development of human society. It may be noted that, of all the organisms, man is the most skilled and civilized and therefore, it is significant to note the following three aspects of man:

a) Physical man is a component of the biological community and as such, requieres basic elements of physical enviroment such as air, water, food and habitat, etc, like other biological population and release wastes un the eco-system.

b) Social man establishes the social institutions, forms the social organizations and formulates laws and policies to safeguard his existence, interests and welfare.

c)Economic man derives and utilizes resource from physical and biological enviroment with his skills and technologies.

By Module III Social Change, Socialization and Social Control. SOCIETY AND ENVIROMENTE (302-303)


José Bello dijo...

Man is a social being by nature, this needs to be established in partnership to develop, and he has succeeded. But not worth all the natural rules of the environment, and has caused much harm to the environment. We need to create the law of mother earth. A law that is larger and more valuable than human rights law. It is necessary to consider the environment before the development of human beings as social beings.

Emely Angel dijo...

The man has been on earth for millions of years, it has since evolved, and many other species. Unlike animals, man possesses great intelligence, which makes it superior to other species. The development of this intelligence has enabled man to survive for millions of years. His superior intelligence enabled him to discover important elements like fire, also enabled him to transform materials and use them for your benefit. It is from this process of invention that man began to intervene in the environment. This constant intervention in the environment has led to negative changes over in the land. But until not long ago the man was not aware of the changes that occur on earth. I think these changes would not occur if from the beginning man had not squandered so many natural resources

Leonardo dijo...
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Leonardo dijo...

Trough the years the man has used the natural resources for satisfy their needs, this without take account the big damage that this can cause above the enviroment.
In my opinión this article show us a reality that we don´t want see because the people think that helping the world we are losing benefits and time, but if we don´t do something fast in some years we'll suffer the consequences of not do anything. The problems that more affect to enviroment are the air pollutíon, waste in water, deforest and burn of fuels, this produce global warming. Is hard avoid the advance of all this problems but together we can reduce the damages and that way extend our time stay on world achieving a balance between man and enviroment.

Leonardo Nava.

indira Avila dijo...

I think that this article is very interesting and very true, since man and society have many needs as those mentioned in the article, but in search of comfort and ease to these needs have exploded to the nature of such menera that can destroy even knowing they are doing, caused problems such as increased demand for natural resources, environmental pollution by waste production and consumption, creation of new substances and the emergence of new branches of production , intensification of agricultural production and urban air pollution, among other problems and all that results in a future more polluted and destroyed, in which came the day that the extinction of life on earth be consummated and the man destroy itself.

Gabriel Diaz dijo...

Is so sad, but our modern sociaty, is depressing... we hurt in so many ways our planet and it's look like we enjoy it. The water, the flora and fauna, are not so renewable as some may think, the water is no so easy to clean, and the flora and fauna, well, there are animals and plants dying and some other that already dye (are extinct). The humans being (with some exceptions) think that the planet belong to the humans, and we can do whaever we want...

"Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied" Henry George (1839 - 1897).

We need to change, and treat our planet with respeat and gratitude, and live in sociaty no only with ourselves, we have to live in sociaty wit all the planet, the animals and the plants to. =D

Yunan dijo...

The environment is primarily the relationship between natural elements: water, air, earth, sun, and of living organisms (in our case humans), between these two components there is a bidirectional relationship because environmental conditions can modify human activities (determinism), or otherwise, that man modify these elements to their advantage (possibility). Society, from the economic point of view, takes the environment to meet their needs (water, electricity). The study of the evolution of different types of society has led to the formulation of different types: simple and complex, secular and sacred, rural and urban, traditional and modern, institutional and industrial.

Sabrina Baptista dijo...

The appearance of man on Earth was initially not a major impact on the environment, and that had only rudimentary methods of subsistence. But over the centuries, man has acquired sufficient knowledge and technology to overcome the limitations imposed by the environment and causing various effects chain, often with unpredictable results. The rupture of a natural balance occurs with any human installation: crops, cities, dams, roads, and that means deforestation, damage to the relief and soils and microclimatic changes

The world population has had a steady and significant population growth, making this, one of the biggest causes of global warming, for the sudden climate change, species extinction, and the end of natural resources. Because consumer demand for industrial, indiscriminate use of natural resources by human overpopulation

Barbara dijo...

I agree with the article, because it is true that man uses nature to obtain materials for their own benefit, but it is also true that the vast overpopulation that is our planet, technological advancement and acceleration of man always be doing new things, makes the use or extraction of the natural benefits are greater, and therefore nature is being destroyed little by little, that man takes from nature for their benefit, but does not bring anything so that this continues to be maintained. Therefore, as human beings and inhabitants of planet Earth we bring you the best for her to stay and we can provide all the wonderful things he gives us.

Barbara Gil

Andrés Ali Marcano dijo...
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Andrés Ali Marcano dijo...

Conquer nature

Nature has been overwhelming and oppressive to man for millennia. It is true that it drew its food and resources it needed, yet it appeared as dangerous and capricious. His life was threatened by wild animals, their feeding depended on the vagaries of weather, fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural razed their homes and cities, the plague and other infectious diseases decimated the population, ... and all this without understanding very well the forces that moved, always dependent on the whim and chance.

The need to be imposed on nature is something that many authors believe that is inserted in the depths of humanity. The various approaches to the relationship between man and the rest of creation can be summarized into three main streams

The man owns the unconditional nature .- It is the approaches which regards nature as a resource whose sole function is to supply what the man is needed. It is the dominant view, in practice, in recent centuries. Knowledge is the art of mastering unconditional nature and considered that technological development will bring more progress without waiting for you grow.

Nature rules over man .- In these approaches the man is a being more within the set of natural beings. It is no more an animal with some evolutionary peculiarities and, therefore, is governed by the same laws that govern the rest of nature. Within this group there are two extreme positions that lead to very different situations:

Deep Ecology .- The so-called "deep ecology" (deep ecology), believes that what is valuable is the whole of nature and the importance of man is simply a more natural being. Its value is the same as that of any other species of living or even to be inanimate. He forgets or denies the specific nature of man and how valuable is the developmental potential of the entire biosphere. Within this approach several authors advocate drastic reductions in human population to reach 500 million (some a hundred million) people on Earth that are compatible with what they consider a nature not seriously altered by mankind. Sociobiology .- A man's idea very similar to the advocates of "deep ecology", ie a conception of humans as another animal species, no radical difference with others, leads others to the opposite extreme. It is argued that natural law par excellence is the survival of the fittest and that therefore, the behavior of men sociology-is governed by the "pecking order" as that of any other species. Considered inevitable human selfishness. Some extreme positions come to justify forms of racism and power systems based on these approaches, considering that there are human groups with higher quality than others and it is these that should be imposed.

Staff .- In this approach the man is regarded as a person, in the sense that it is biologically an animal, but does not end there being, but as a creature created by God in His image and likeness, is dignified than radically all other beings of nature. His work is careful and diligent management of nature. It has an uncontrolled rule on it. It must respect its laws, that man has, but you have been given. Human beings depend on nature, because it is embedded in it, and is both the guardian of her for her ability to project. In this context means that man is the only person who has duties and obligations in respect of nature and who is responsible for its action against her. So it is an attitude not only consumer but our relationship with nature should enrich the human personality, increasing our liberty and our knowledge.


hectorgeoucv dijo...

Scientific-Technical Revolution, which is necessary for human progress, with progress in industry, agriculture and medicine, among others, led to changes in living conditions and health of people, manifested in increased population of the earth, in various regions of the planet. We must recognize that our planet has options to increase food production, but these possibilities are not unlimited, and in certain geographic regions, are very restricted. This is one of the causes of the worsening problems of environmental protection.

Given the interrelationship between society and the environment, the magnitude of environmental problems and the importance of sustainable development, it is necessary to know the definition of the environment, a concept much discussed and yet contradictory environment regarded as a medium and interchangeably.

Karen dijo...

The natural environment plays a fundamental role in the location and distribution of population in the world and the form as that population organizes itself. In such sense, the factors climate, fertility of the grounds, hydric temperature, sources, etc., act like ecological principles that determine the distribution of the human, vegetal species and animal in the surface of the Earth. Whenever a system makes contact with enemy with another one undergoes a fort impact, in this case the harmed one is the atmosphere. Insofar as a social system sees affected its operation due to this external action, alters its relation with its natural environment, breaking therefore the harmony, and is in that point where the great construciones are seen, desforestaciones, operations of grounds, contaminations of the water, etc. causing a great damage. Nowadays many ecological groups have arisen that trantan to create brings back to consciousness on the people so that thus we pruned to take care of our environment and thus our planet.

Jackson Andrade dijo...

The man's drive for technological improvement, coupled with the misuse of socioeconomic development policies has endangered their own species and others that inhabit our planet, and that increasing demand for natural resources to meet the needs of both physical and natural population of the entire world, have deforested large areas and forests that are vital to counter environmental pollution and sonicated today is revealed as a result of burning fossil fuels and use of nuclear weapons which conyeban a greenhouse, increasing the temperature levels in our atmosphere, which reduces the percentage of short-term life of all living beings on our planet, is a call of conscience and reflection to those governmental entities with jurisdiction to case, creating a committee that is responsible for posting all these issues together and alleviate this scourge that afflicts us today, putting into practice the use of energy from biomass, as this has no adverse impact on our beloved land.

Sorry for the delay.

Anónimo dijo...

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Genesis Echeverria dijo...

The relationship that man has with the environment is very important as this depends on the harmony that will exist , so it's great that a relationship of respect for the resources offered by nature is maintained, our livelihood depends on it . We must raise awareness of this issue.

Willmary Canonico dijo...

Willmary Canónico

This article is very important because it helps us understand how society affects the environment , since humans foman part of this society exerting high impact through the activities mentioned in the article, consequently resulting in the loss and alteration ecosystem and biodiversity , such as the transformation of the fields , water pollution by toxic waste , cutting trees and a bit of other things. We must become conscious and campaign to prevent the great damage that society is ocacionados the environment.

paola vega dijo...

The importance of the environment lies in the fact that all forms of life take place there and not somewhere else, so its care and preservation should be one of the key elements of the action humana.Para achieve the objective of a development in which the environment is healthy, for good health and therefore motorized sustainable development, conscious and full participation of the whole society is necessary. And is that while a sector does the same, marginalizes and other natural resources deteriorates causing lost, sometimes irreparable and the vicious cycle of underdevelopment can never be surpassed.

Liskeiry Benitez dijo...

It is one of the most important issues , human interaction with the environment is due to several factors. People need the environment for their existence, and the environment needs the care of humans for survival. Technology is a factor that has contributed to scientific progress and new developments that give comfort to human , degrading in some cases their surroundings , and are evidenced by accelerated growth of social influence .

We are all responsible to appease environmental degradation by incorporating new habits and behaviors they become models for future generations .

juan carlos calderon ortega dijo...

Very good article, I think that should be a balance between human activities and environmental degradation, since in many cases the man acts to their benefit and use of natural resources causing irreversible damage to the environment affecting in any way the cycle in ecosystems.
man caused the total collapse of the environment, such as loss of biodiversity, depletion of energy resources, water, air and soil pollution, but can become aware and appreciate our natural resources and our contribution as citizens of this planet is to protect and assist in improving our current terms of the evolution in the coming years.

steffany Morao dijo...

The article is very interesting because it exposes the current concern of our society, as the level of live is more fast than the level of production, with that new alternatives are sought to meet society. the problem is that when looking for these methods do not take into account the impact they cause mostly the environment.

Saul Doudieres dijo...

This article its very interesting because talks about the geospatial ubication of humanbeing and their social relationships and their interactions with nature. in accordance of this relation the humanbeing has decveloped all kind of technology to make their lives confortable and all benefits for humans but not necesary for the planet because we are accelerating the degradation process of our enviroment.

Luis Miguel Pérez Medina dijo...

It is very important and this article shows how important the environment and society does not see it until it's too late . Whenever you want to improve a country and do not see the environmental impact that can cause human unconsciousness.

Rafael Garcia dijo...

José R. García

this article is very interest because the man has the opportunity to change the way to doesn´t to make damage to ambien. In thhis case, we would to have education ambiental to prevent environmental pollution, because negative actions of human activity increase the smog, which affects human health and the live in the planet.

williams Da graca dijo...

This article mensiona that the conduct of man to sastifacer their needs, which are called new technologies, bring consequences harmful to the environment. encuenta must be those of humans desorrollos alteral the medium.

Janene Paez dijo...

the published article is very interesting and a problem that affects us all today. because every day it gets worse, and without realizing we are ending the planeta.se could say that technology has had an impact on society as trendsetters and fashion and produces a consumerism that because there is a fashion, everyone wants be updated. this impact affects positively and negatively in social events in the development and evolution of mankind.
Because pollution technology are becoming increasingly popular in the world using technology to recycle water, recovery destroyed by fire, crops without rapidly degrade soil fertility soils, however it is also not beneficial because every machine needs the help of some ecosystems so they can function.

Yeimic dijo...

Good Job my friends... Hope you have enjoyed it !

astrid romero dijo...

This article shows us how important the environment and as industries with technological Abanco affects natural resources, and watch daily the relationship between human beings and the environment affects natural resources

Fabiana Agudelo dijo...

I think that humans are used to make the environment all you want, but do nothing to replenish the things we take from nature, it is important to create awareness among future generations, so that the environment does not remain handicapped and those who already do life on the planet must learn to live with nature.